instant on

Hopper io has changed everything. Never before has so much power been available in such a small package.

No Heat-up Time

Hopper io has no heat-up time. The moment you click the button the instant on technology delivers the power you need without compromise.

More Battery Life

Better software management, gold-plated mechanical contacts and faster extraction yield a 40% jump in battery life.

More Heater Power

Hopper Labs introduces HV6, the next generation of Hopper Lab's breakthrough heating technology. Now with 65 watts of power, embedded thermal sensing and airflow detection.

An industry leading form-factor, with every detail refined and redesigned — Hopper io pushes into new levels of power, performance and robustness.

Hopper io

Stainless Steel

Priced at $265.00

Tried and true stainless steel construction. Lifetime warranty.

Industry leading instant on technology

65 watts of on-demand power

4 to 7 chambers of vaporization


Priced at $295.00

CNC machined from solid titanium stock. Lifetime warranty.

Industry leading instant on technology

Exceptional 70 watt heater

Enhanced cooling derived from high emissivity

Color Titanium

Priced at $295.00

Hard anodized titanium for deep color and a smooth, clean surface

Industry leading instant on technology

Exceptional 70 watt heater

Lifetime warranty

Temperature control done right.

The Hopper io is designed for performance and reliablity. A precision-machined dial, inlaid with high-contrast ultra black POM gives you clear and accurate temperature control from 180-230C. Every internal contact is gold-plated, yielding 60% better power transmission and putting that extra power into your pocket.

No Apps Required

The dial gives easy access to a continuous temperature range between 180-230C. Smooth rotation and high visibility make temp-switching a breeze. Your session has never been this dynamic.

A Mixing of Atoms

Low resistance contacts are now everywhere. Brass threads on the backend means power transmission to the body has never been this efficient. A better connection with smoother action and longer life.

Going Gold

Gold contacts yield a 60% improvement in internal resistance giving you: more power, no heat-up time and 40% better battery life. Hopper io is an experience like no other.

10x Better Power Transmission

0 Heat-up Time

Self Cleaning

Raised bumps on the battery contact scrape away build-up, keeping the surface clean over time.

Replaceable Battery

Fast and easy battery swaps keep your Hopper io running longer.

Perfection Pursued. Perfection Achieved.

Highest Power

of any portable vaporizer

The all new Hopper Heater Version 6 brings an unheard of amount of power to protable vaping. Available in 65-watt, SS, and 70-watt, Ti, no vaporizer has ever had this much power.

Fastest Heat-up

of any dry-herb vaporizer

With all that power, Hopper io is the first generation of portable flower vaporizers with zero heat-up time.

Smallest Form-factor

of any convection vaporizer

Not only does Hopper io lead the industry in power, but it packs that power into the smallest package. Built from 95% metal, the Hopper io fits cleanly into your life.

Gold Contacts

for low loss and high power

Gold-plating on critical contacts allows for near lossless power transfer from the battery to the heating unit — the result is longer battery life and more power.

Dual 10 MHz Processors

enable rapid sensor analysis

A set of powerful microprocessors handle a continual stream of sensor data, providing the answers to rapid heat-up, draw detection, and battery conservation.

Integrated Thermal Sensor

for pinpoint air temperature control

A glass temperature sensor embedded directly into the heating unit delivers accurate and dynamic temperature feedback.

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